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Chocolate Happy Hour: Hachez Rasberry Almond Bar

Posted: Sep 28 2015

Hachez is a very old and very well know German Chocolate company, creating a fantastic bar that we are happy to share with you this Thursday for Chocolate Happy Hour! Hachez has been making chocolates since the 1890's, making it one of the few chocolate companies we carry that is well over 100 years old.

If you stop by the store on Thursday at 6PM we'll treat you to a bite of their 55% Chocolate with Raspberry and Almonds. The bar begins with a delicate warmth and sweetness, 55% cacao makes this bar a dark chocolate, but just barely. It has a full bodied cocoa flavor while still remaining smooth and creamy. The raspberries present quite strongly, giving the bar a potent sweetness to match the deliberate concentration of cacao. The almonds are blended quite finely, to provide a strong flavor without intruding upon the texture of the chocolate. Together, the flavors produce an almost floral arrangement of sweet nutty decadence.

Hachez has a long tradition of applying careful processes to their beans, using a long slow conching process to get a delightfully mild flavor and texture from their South American Cacao. Their use of a 55% cacao in their raspberry almond bar shows a keen eye for the proper mix of flavors. If a taste of German Chocolate sounds like it would do you good, stop by our shop for a sample on Thursday at 6PM.

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