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Chocolate Happy Hour: Dark Chocolate Pomegranate

Posted: Oct 18 2015

Join us this Thursday at 6PM for Chocolate Happy Hour where we'll be tasting a delicious chocolate from Marseille: La Chocolaterie de Provence Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bar.


Pomegranate is a potent flavor, both tart and sweet, with a deep fruitiness. This bar builds it beautifully by using not just pomegranate juice in the chococolate but also whole pomegranate chunks as well. La Chocolaterie accents the pomegranate with a creamy 52% chocolate, only just dark enough to be considered dark. The combination imbues a good sweet flavor, with enough complexity to stay interesting. It has a vibrant flavor that is not held down by any one part of the whole.

La Chocololaterie de Provence has been making chocolate for over 50 years. Their secret to success, a dedication to quality ingredients and strong control over the chocolate making process from bean to bar. If you're interested in sinking your teeth into some quality chocolate from a fantastic French company, stop by the store this Thursday from 6PM-7PM at Chocolate Happy Hour.

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