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Chocolate Tasting

Like wine, craft beer, and specialty coffee has in the past, craft chocolate is taking center stage! Anya, the Founder of Gourmet Boutique has been exploring the craft chocolate scene from its infancy in the early 2000s to the chocolate revolution of today.  Explore the world of artisan chocolate from around the globe with Anya and her team of world-class virtual food educators as your tour guide and over 50 craft chocolatiers as your passport. Although we are currently limited on travel due to a pandemic, bring delicious, wanderlust spirit to your next team building event or private celebration. Learn how chocolate is made, discover the fascinating and sometimes hilarious stories of these small companies, learn how to taste chocolate like a professional taster, or how to pair your favorite chocolate with a beverage of choice.  

At the Boutique and Virtually we offer several different themed tastings experiences.  Below are some of our favorites.  For the latest curated themes visit our Virtual Tasting Experience and Events page

Virtual Chocolate Tastings Experience:
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Event Highlights: Includes education, guided tasting of five different chocolates and a small take home indulgence for each guest in attendance to further their tasting exploration in the comfort of their home.
Details: We will share a bit about the chocolate landscape of today and lead the group in a blind tasting of chocolates in the particular theme of the event. We offer several themes:
  • Purist Tasting of Milk and Darks
  • Craft Makers Europe vs US
  • Exotic and Unexpected Inclusions
  • Health Conscious and Socially Responsible Chocolate Creations

The tasting will challenge your senses to discover which flavors you like the best. We are also happy to pair the chocolates with complementing beverages such as tea, dessert wines, beer, or whiskey please note the individual beverage pairing options in the events listed below. The presentation will answer questions you didn’t know you had about the chocolate making process, maker styles, terroir and varietals to name a few. We look forward to the opportunity of sharing our carefully curated collection of chocolates from around the globe at your next team building, holiday party, book club gathering or a corporate event. Our chocolate tasting events are a fun, casual, informative and of course extremely delicious way to engage with colleagues and friends as you learn about chocolate together.

Virtual Chocolate and Whiskey Pairing Experience
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Event Highlights: A tasting of four craft spirits paired with a unique collection of artisan chocolate bars.

We will offer guests a guided tasting experience followed by an invitation to use the extra samples to experiment with their own flavor pairings and come up with those that taste best to their individual tastes. After all taste is a very subjective experience! What taste great to you is the only pairing combination that matters.

Details: You may already know that cacao beans (the base of all chocolate) and wheat, malted barley (or other grain/cereal - base of whiskey/scotch/bourbon) reveal their richly diverse flavors when heated. With the help of craftsmen these base ingredients are transformed into a unique end product with individual character and flavor sophistication. Another fun commonality among these two “food groups” is that their Renaissance began around the 90s when both craft whiskey and chocolate embarked on its delicious journey.
From our vast collection of chocolate indulgences, we have come up with a few pairing combinations we found particularly delicious.
We hope to share our “tasty findings” with you and your guests in a private chocolate and whiskey tasting customized to your groups’ interests. Please reach out to us with your vision for the event and we will do our best to make it a reality.

Enlightening Session of Tea and Chocolate Tasting /Tea and Chocolate Virtual Pairing Experience
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Event Highlights: A guided tasting of four teas to be enjoyed with its uniquely paired artisan chocolate bar creations. Some will be purist pairings others will include some complimentary natural flavor additions for a delightfully unforgettable tasting experience.

Details: For my palate, tea and chocolate is among my favorite tasting experiences. The warmth of the tea melts the chocolate on your palate delivering a silky and more diverse flavor profile. There are many complimentary pairings to choose from and it can be enjoyed by any age group or stage of life. We can customize the event for a kid’s chocolate and tea pairing party to a baby shower that mom-to-be can enjoy with her guests. It is also a wonderful Zen retreat from the hubbub of the office. The scent of jasmine tea or bright and warm caramel notes of rooibos fill the room and welcome the guests to the sensory pleasure of a tea and chocolate tasting. A tasting of five teas custom paired with our broad selection of chocolates gathered from around the globe invite the guests to test their palates and find new favorites. A fun and relaxing way to spend time team building, entertaining clients or fun new way to surprise your guests at your next social gathering.

Virtual Wine and Chocolate Pairing Experience:
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Event Highlights:
We invite you to travel the vineyards and cacao plantations with us and explore the rich world of wine and chocolate. Heighten the tasting experience by putting two complementary “food groups” together. We will pour four different wines easily accessible should you wish to replicate the tasting at home and pair them with just the perfect artisan chocolate bar creation to elevate the overall tasting experience. We invite you to taste with us!

Details: There are many similarities between these two much loved foods. Both are varietal meaning terroir plays a large roll. The taste alters from harvest to harvest and of course both require craftsmen to result in exceptional tasting experience. Journey with us from vineyards to cacao plantations and let us guide you through a rich and complex tasting experience that will open your taste portfolio to new and pleasurable tasting experiences.

Virtual Caviar Tasting Experience:
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Price Varies Depending on Theme of Tasting

Three Options and Price Points Available:
1.  A Caviar Bite Tasting:
Features four varieties of caviar: two sturgeon caviars, a trout and salmon for a comprehensive tasting that will delight and surprise any seafood lover

2.  Domestic Caviar Indulgence Tasting:
Features three sturgeon caviars harvested in the US

3.  Imported and Domestic Tasting:
Features the best grade domestic caviar and two varieties of imported caviars for a comprehensive tasting of the caviar world

Event Details: World renowned delicacy reserved for the “rich and famous” has a fascinating history. The caviar industry as a whole has seen quite a transformation in recent years. We will take your foodie curiosity and of course your taste buds on an unexpected adventure of this internationally renowned delicacy. From Czarist Russia to modern day sustainable caviar farms around the world we will share with you a bit about this incredible delicacy from its humble roots as peasant food and food of immigrants to the swanky reputation it is known for today. But what fun is a caviar tasting without actually tasting so we will present to you three types of caviar's harvested from different sturgeon and taste them side by side as well as serve them with some accouterments for a heightened tasting experience that will delight any adventurous foodie. Gourmet Boutique offers six varieties of sturgeon caviar's and two varieties of salmon caviar. We will customize the tasting to meet your vision of the event. Please email us with questions and special request.


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