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Chocolate Tastings at Gourmet Boutique


Chocolate 101: A Chocolaty Education

Have you ever wondered where your favorite indulgence – CHOCOLATE comes from? Does it grown on trees? How is it made? Wonder how to read a chocolate label to find just the right treat for your taste buds? And of course how to really, we mean really taste chocolate. These are some of the topics we will be presenting in our Chocolate 101 seminar. Join fellow chocolate enthusiasts for a fun night of chocolate learning and even more chocolate tasting. Discover what your palate is truly capable of tasting. Explore numerous flavor profiles through direct taste and aroma tests. By the end of this beginner’s workshop, you will be able to identify flavors in chocolate you had not previously been able to taste.

  • Tasting will take place once a month on Sunday evening from 7:30-9:00 pm.
  • Space is limited so be sure to reserve a spot today.

Book a Private Chocolate Tasting Event with Gourmet Boutique: Gather a group of six or more chocolate enthusiast and we will conduct a private tasting at Gourmet Boutique customized to your flavor preferences and knowledge level of the world of chocolate.

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