Are you a brick-and-mortar store or only online? 
We are both a brick-and-mortar and online store! 
Where are you located in the mall?
Gourmet Boutique is located inside the Westin Copley Hotel in the heart of Boston's Copley Square.  Enter the building through “Fogo de Chao/Westin Copley Entrance” and ride the escalators to the shopping galleries. We are the last store head-on before the sky bridge to Copley Square Mall. We are right next to Starbucks and across from Grettacole Spa in the Westin Copley Shopping Gallery.
What are your hours? 
We are open Monday-Saturday 11 AM-9 PM, Sunday 12-6 PM 
What forms of payment do you accept? 
We accept all major credit cards. 
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, we offer gift certificates upon request. Please email or call the store at (781) 367 5629.
What makes Gourmet Boutique unique from other retailers?
Gourmet Boutique offers an unparalleled combination of international and domestic luxurious food items including fine cacao chocolates, confectionary products, and teas as well as a variety of domestic and imported caviars and French foie gras. Our gourmet delights are carefully curated from around the globe and arranged by our knowledgeable gifting and hosting concierges. We pride ourselves on our abilities to pair flavors, create visual gift collections, and our depth of knowledge in the fine food industry.
What is your return policy? 
If you are unsatisfied in any way with any of our products, please contact Gourmet Boutique at (781) 367-5629 and we will be happy to address the problem. It is important to us that you enjoy our treats as much as we do. 
Do you offer same-day delivery? 
Yes, we do offer same-day delivery via courier in the immediate Boston metro area. 
How far do you ship? 
We ship nationwide. 
Do you ship internationally? 
We are currently unable to ship internationally. 
Can I place an order when I am outside the U.S.? 
Yes, anyone in the world can place an order with us. Please note, we are only able to deliver to the United States at this time. 
Do you ship chocolate in warm weather? 
Yes, we can ship chocolate even in the summer and warm climates! In the event of warm weather, we expedite shipping (two business days) in order to decrease the risk of the product being damaged during transit. We only ship on Monday and Tuesdays during summer to avoid delays on the delivery truck or in a carrier warehouse/storage over the weekend.  We monitor weather across the product’s journey and do not ship if the weather is above 75 degrees along the journey. 
Do you offer volume discounts? 
We do offer volume discounts. Please contact a Gourmet Boutique Gift Concierge at to discuss volume discount and obtain quote. 

How do I find you on social media? 
Find us @gourmetboutiqueboston on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 
Who do we contact for media inquiries? 
You can email us at
Did you find the answer to your question?
If not email us at

How should I store chocolate? 
The best way to store chocolate is to keep it at room temperature (between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) and out of direct sunlight.
How should I store hard candy and gummies? 
Like chocolate, the best way to store candy is at room temperature out of direct sunlight. 
How should I store caviar? 
We recommend you always refrigerate caviar but do not freeze it. Freezing caviar can be done, but it is not recommended because freezing can toughen the caviar roe membrane and alter the flavor. If you feel you will not be able to consume your caviar before the use by date recommended on the package or you are not able to refrigerate it properly, freezing is the next best option. If you freeze your caviar you must thaw it slowly in your refrigerator for about a day prior to serving. Slowly thawing the caviar in the refrigerator will prevent the berries from bursting.  Ideally, caviar should be stored in the refrigerator between 28 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be done either by putting the tin in the coldest part of the refrigerator, usually the meat shelf, or by placing the tin in a bowl and surrounding it with crushed ice when serving. 
How should I store my foie gras? 
The best way to store foie gras is to keep it refrigerated as much as possible. It is very important that foie gras stays cold. 

What is a French Macaron?
A French macaron is a meringue-based cookie made with either a buttercream, jam or chocolate ganache filling. Due to the ground almond in the soft cookies, all of our macarons contain nuts. All of our macarons are gluten-free confections!
How long will my Macarons stay fresh? 
Outside the refrigerator, your macarons will stay fresh up to 12 hours, in the refrigerator they will stay fresh up to one week and in the freezer up to six months. 
What is marzipan?
Marzipan is an almond paste confection made of ground almonds, sugar and additional natural flavors (if flavored). 
What does the percentage on the chocolate bars mean? 
The percentage on the chocolate bars means how much, by weight, of the chocolate bar is made up from cocoa, whether that is pure cocoa beans or parts of it (cocoa butter). 
What does single origin mean? 
Single origin means when all the cocoa beans in one bar are from the same location, i.e. all from the same village in Ecuador.  Each location has its own particular flavor profiles and nuances reflective of the climate, soil, and region in which it was grown.
What’s the difference between dark, milk and white chocolate? 
Dark chocolate is chocolate that has had no milk solids added to it. White chocolate is just cocoa butter. Milk chocolate is cocoa mass, cocoa butter and milk. 
Is white chocolate really chocolate? Is ruby chocolate really chocolate? 
There is a debate on whether white chocolate is real chocolate, as it does not have any cocoa mass in it and is just cocoa butter and milk. Here at Gourmet Boutique, we do not discriminate our chocolates, we love them all. Ruby chocolate is controversial as well. The creators claim the pink tinge is natural and they discovered a new category of chocolate. Others say cocoa beans are naturally a purplish color and they just learned how to keep that, so it is not a new category. 
What’s the difference between hot cocoa and drinking chocolate? 
Drinking chocolate has either disks, pellets or shavings that melt when added into hot milk. 
What does “blooming” on chocolate mean?  
Blooming is when chocolate has a white film on its surface caused by a change in temperature for the chocolate. For example, when it is taken from the fridge and brought to room temperature. It is the result of the cocoa butter separating from the cacao and moving to the surface. It does not mean there is anything wrong with the chocolate and it is still safe to eat, it’s just a little bit separated. 
What is the difference between “best by” and expiration dates? 
Best by is when the chocolate is still at its peak quality, anything after that, it is still fine to eat and flavorful, it is simply not at its peak. Expiration dates are when it is no longer good to eat. 
What is craft chocolate? What is bean to bar chocolate? Is there a difference? 
Bean to bar chocolate refers to the trade model, meaning that one brand controls every stage of the bar. Craft chocolate is when a company does not make the initial chocolate, but rather takes chocolate and adds flavors and textures to create an interesting delicacy.
Do you offer customization on pre-designed gift baskets on your website? 
Yes, we offer customization! You can even bring in things we do not offer in the store and add them to your basket. We are happy to customize a gift that will best fit your taste and your recipient's flavor preferences. Simply call the boutique at (781) 367-5629 to have a gift concierge assist you with your order and guide you through the design process. 
Do you offer sugar-free products? 
We offer a number of sugar-free chocolate bars made with stevia or sugar substitutes. We also carry a range of extra dark chocolate bars that are 100% cacao and do not have any added sugar. 
Do you offer vegan and dairy-free products? 
Yes, we carry a variety of vegan chocolate brands and dairy-free chocolate brands. 
Do you offer gluten-free products? 
Yes, we carry various gluten-free products including gluten-free and kosher certified macarons as well as a range of gluten-free chocolate offerings. 
Do you offer nut-free products? 
Yes, we carry various nut-free products. 
Do you offer organic products? 
Yes, some of our chocolate and tea offerings are organic certified. 
Do you offer kosher products? 
Yes, we carry several lines of kosher chocolate lines and our macarons are kosher certified. 
Do you offer soy-free products? 
Yes, we carry a variety of soy free chocolate lines. 
Do you offer fair trade products? 
Yes, we have several fair-trade certified lines at the Boutique and many more lines that are ethically sourced. 
Do you offer Marzipan? 
Yes, we offer marzipan from Germany, Denmark, and the US. We also carry a delightful marzipan based Provencal dessert known as the Calisson which is a confection made of marzipan blended with candied orange peel and candied melon for sweetness. 
What is the difference between a gift box, gift basket, gift tower, and gift trunks? 
We offer a variety of elegant gift packaging options to fit all your gift-giving needs.  The Gift Box presentation is one of our many beautifully decorated boxes filled with artfully arranged products of your choosing.  A Gift Basket is a traditional wicker basket with products arranged inside and shrink wrapped ready for gift giving.  A Gift Tower is a free-standing assortment of products arranged and wrapped with clear shrink wrap and decorated with ribbon.  We also have an assortment of vintage style gift trunks and chests that work well for corporate and personal gift giving as the trunk can be enjoyed in the home or office once the treats have all been consumed. Trunks are more of a keepsake packaging option to house the products you have selected for your recipient. 
If you’re looking to ship a gift, we recommend a gift box or trunk in order to ensure the gift stays intact during travel.
Do you offer private chocolate tastings? How do I sign up for one? 
We offer private chocolate tastings both in the store and at your home or office. This is a great experience to learn from our knowledgeable team of chocolate aficionados. Please call the boutique (781) 367-5629 or email us at or through Contact Us page to learn more. We are happy to help you design a private event in our cozy boutique for groups of six or more.  We are also happy to bring treats to host a tasting at your home or office for a private chocolate tasting experience. The menu and theme are customizable. Whether you want to try unusual inclusions such as chili peppers, tea leaves or even camel milk with your chocolate, or want to learn about the best origins for cacao, we are happy to design an event that will best suit your groups’ interests. Call or email us today to learn more. 
When are your free tastings held? 
We host a free tasting once a month. Follow our social media pages for information exact dates and times! 
Instagram: @GourmetBoutiqueBoston 
Facebook: @GourmetBoutique 
Do you offer corporate tasting events/in office tastings? 
We are happy to customize an event at your office and build a theme that will be enjoyed by your employees. Whether it is to celebrate, learn, or bond, we are happy plan an event that suits your needs, just let us know!
How do I host my own in-home tasting? 
An in-home tasting can be a fun idea for a family gathering, date night, or when entertaining friends.  Check out our blog where we discuss how to host your own tasting! Whether you are looking to taste chocolate, caviar, foie gras, or some of each we have everything you need. Contact us or come into the boutique and one of our concierges will be happy to advise you.  We can also help you design a tasting assortment that will have all the key ingredients to entertain with flavorful delights from the comfort of your own home. 

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