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Events to Engage, Connect and Inspire with Foodie Storytelling, Industry Leading Educators and Unique Tasting Themes that include Chocolate paired with Wine, Coffee, Tea, Whiskey, Tequila, Sake, Macarons, and much more!

How do Gourmet Event Experiences work?


Step 1: Book your Event Experience!

In Person | Hybrid | Virtual

Want to incorporate unusual and unique flavors into the tasting? Want to combine chocolate with wine, whiskey, tequila, coffee or tea for a truly sensory experience? We got you covered! Pick from one of our popular tasting themes or contact us to discuss your event! We'll pick a date/time that works for you.

Step 2: Tasting Kits are on the way!

Curated to Your Goals

All of our tasting experiences include factory sealed craft chocolate bars that are shipped to the address of each recipient in the tasting or brought to you. Shipping is included in the cost of the kits and international shipping is available. The kit also includes ice breaker activities, and a $10 gift voucher to Gourmet Boutique.

Step 3: Sit Back and Enjoy!

Delivered with Perfection

The event 45-60 minutes engages the audience with superb storytelling about the makers, the industry, and the art of "flavor."  Get ready for a foodie adventure! From mastering the art of tasting to food travel and culture to unraveling the secrets of transparent trade, we've got you covered!

Host Fun Virtual Events, In Person Experiences, Client Experiences, or Family events!

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Virtual Tastings by Anya Zelfond

Craft Chocolate & Food Educator, Entrepreneur: Welcome to In-Person & Virtual Tasting Experiences by Anya Zelfond

Like wine, craft beer, and specialty coffee has in the past, craft chocolate is taking center stage! Anya, the Founder of Gourmet Boutique has been exploring the craft chocolate scene from its infancy in the early 2000s to the chocolate revolution of today.  Explore the world of artisan chocolate from around the globe with Anya and her team of world-class virtual food educators as your tour guide and over 50 craft chocolatiers as your passport. Bring delicious, wanderlust spirit to your next team building, client event or private celebration. Learn how chocolate is made, discover the fascinating and sometimes hilarious stories of these small companies, learn how to taste chocolate like a professional taster, or how to pair your favorite chocolate with a beverage of choice.  All of our offerings can be conducted in a Virtual, Hybrid and In Person format.

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Corporate Gift Giving Re-Imagined!

Gourmet Boutique has Re-Imagined Corporate Gift Giving
and Virtual Team Building.
We have over 18 years experience curating corporate gifts for companies such as Salesforce, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, E&Y, Boston Consulting Group, Box, and many others. Let us create that magical gift experience for your employees or clients!

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We plan events of all shapes and sizes. Our team would be happy to help.

Looking to engage clients, add some entertainment to a larger event or just engage your team, we have you covered. Our experiences and expert event planners will save you time, money and stress. Our educators will wow you!

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