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"Before the COVID-19 pandemic: I used to go to this store to buy chocolate that you could only find in specialty stores. Anya, the owner, carries a great variety of chocolate and other gourmet foods.

After the pandemic: I attended one of her scheduled virtual chocolate tastings. My husband and I enjoyed it so much, we decided to email her and schedule a private virtual chocolate tasting with friends from Boston Medical Center to thank them for their work on the front lines. We all enjoyed the chocolate selection and historic background on chocolate.

Anya has introduced me to chocolates I would have never tried on my own. She has also educated me about purchasing responsibly sourced chocolate and to discover other interesting chocolate shops.

If you ever have a special request for a product or experience, don’t hesitate to contact Anya. She is passionate about what she does and she cares about her customers."

-Vanessa Aller