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Greta K. of Worcester, MA said:

"Amazing little find in Copley Place!! We went here as part of the Boston Chocolate Walking Tour. The employees were super friendly and informative about their chocolates and their selection was out of this world (or at least from around the world)! I even bought a bar of camel's milk chocolate from Dubai. I haven't tried it yet, but I bought it for a friend whose family member lived there and I thought it was so special and unique that I couldn't pass it up.

Their case of handmade chocolates was absolutely amazing. I picked out about six chocolates, including a few flowers, a look-alike Tiffany's box (fleur de sel), espresso, pistachio, and a creme brulee. They even carry "turtles" from one of my favorite chocolate stores in Kentucky, Ghyslain.

What an amazing place! The only thing is that it's very tight inside with a large group, but I'm sure the rent is very high in Copley for just a tiny space."


Bonnie C. of Newton, MA said:

"I came here to check out their macarons, not really intending on getting anything. I left the store with 3 boxes of chocolate cocktails, half a dozen of macarons and $60 less. They were having a sale where you buy two boxes of chocolate and you get one free. You also get a free macaron when you buy six.

These dumb sales is what hurts my wallet because I can't resist.

Their macarons are shipped from New York every two days. They're pretty good. Better than most that I've tried. The chocolate cocktails are good too.

Definitely recommend coming here for cute little gifts!"


Angel M. of Boston, MA said:

"So into this place. Great for any occasion to give to your side pal. They have truffles. They have Irish chocolates. They have spicy chocolates. Its kind of in a weird corner, sandwiched between the bridge that connects copley mall from....copley mall? is that other side still copley mall? anyway, between the bridge and turner fisheries.

the sales people are nice. they cram sweets sky high and even have an island in the middle where their sale items usually are. if youre looking for a random but yet delicious chocolate, go here.

for Halloween, I got my roommate a chocoate eyeball truffle and a ghost choco pop, AND a skeleton that was spray painted with edible bronze colored liquid and she had a bow on her head to symbolize her feminitiy. So into it."


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