Best Virtual Event Ideas for 2024

Virtual events, tastings and experiences have been a popular way of engaging groups in different locations for many years. But with COVID-19 the demand for these events to bring people together has increased drastically.  Just in 6 months Gourmet Boutique has conducted over 300 virtual events.  Consumers, employees, and event planners alike understand the relevance of using virtual tools during these times to reach a wider audience and bring teams together. With technologies such as Zoom and MS Teams virtual events have come a long way, especially the gamification for virtual events with tools such as polls in Zoom.  

Now, what's in store for 2024 and what are some of the Best Virtual Event Ideas related to food, chocolate and beverage? 

Here are three of our favorites!

1. Tea and Chocolate Themed Tasting:  two little luxuries that are wonderfully delightful on their own, but even more magical when paired together.  Not only is pairing tea and chocolate a tasty way to discover more about your own palate and taste preferences, but it’s also a means to explore new flavors through the interplay of sweetness and astringency.

2. Virtual Caviar TastingIf you have ever wanted to know more about one of the finest delicacies in the world, with interesting American roots and fascinating world history then this tasting experience is just for you!  Gourmet Boutique has been specializing in fine sustainable caviar for more then 15 years - now we are taking our passion virtually! 

3.  Wine and Chocolate Tastings: This is natural pairing that we absolutely love.  We have started a collaboration with our favorite vinery out of Nappa, Stags' Leap and paired it with the best of the best from the 50+ chocolate makers.  Call us to curate a special menu for you!

What are the benefits of a Gourmet Boutique Virtual Event?

  • Chocolate Trivia and Polls! Following the event, trivia winners are shipped exclusive and luxurious chocolate gifts

  • The hands-on-kit is shipped before the event with an elegant, beautiful design allowing up to two participants to share and enjoy

  • We fit right into your format, less than 30, 45, or 60+ minute sessions

  • Custom-branded kits and trunks

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