10 Great Team Building Events for 2024

Team building events are an excellent way for people to spend time together enjoying activities outside the normal work day. These shared experiences let coworkers get to know each other while casually interacting and having fun learning something new.

Gourmet Boutique is a leader in providing unique, top-quality events in a wide variety of themes. Whether it’s an afternoon of tasting chocolates, sipping on tea or wine, or even enjoying a hands-on painting event, we provide top-quality experiences led by professionals with years of experience in their fields. From industry-recognized chocolate experts to award-nominated writers and educators, our team will give your guests an unforgettable experience.

It couldn’t be easier to enjoy a superb event, either. We handle all the details and logistics and provide outstanding customer service throughout the entire process, letting you focus on what’s important - your team! If a team building event is in your plans, we hope you’ll consider one of our amazing options. You won’t be disappointed.

Here are 10 great team building events to share with your team in 2024.

1. Virtual Chocolate Tasting - Craft Makers Collection: One of our most popular themes, this classic tasting introduces your guests to some of the best chocolates in the world. Sample an array of incredible ethically & sustainable bean to bar chocolates from across the globe while learning about the people and stories that make them so special. There’s no better way to experience chocolate made by the masters of their craft.

2. Virtual Wine and Chocolate Tasting Experience - Wines and Craft Chocolatiers of the World: A perfectly-paired wine and chocolate combination is truly a special experience. What better way to enjoy bites of the world’s best artisanal chocolates than with a sip (or two) of equally amazing wines? Let us share the secrets of wine and chocolate pairing in your own wine and chocolate pairing event. You’ll sample amazing chocolates from around the world expertly paired with wines that bring out the best in them, while learning how to create delicious pairings of your own.

3. Virtual Chocolate Tasting - European vs. American Chocolate: When it comes to artisanal chocolate making, who does it better - Europe or the Americas? Is it the traditions of old Europe or the adventurous spirit of the Americas that will prevail? Spend some time trying incredibly delicious chocolates from each if these culinary powerhouses while learning how they are made and the cultures behind them. Who will come out on top? You might be surprised…

4. Virtual Chocolate Tasting - Milk, Dark & White Exploration: Get to know the three main styles of chocolate through this fun and interactive experience. You’ll sample superb white, milk, and dark chocolates while learning how each is made and why they are so different. Learn about chocolate in the tastiest way possible!

5. Virtual Chocolate Tasting - Unusual Flavor Combinations: Have you ever had chocolate made with gin and lemon? How about mascarpone cheese or sourdough bread? The variety of styles and flavors in artisanal chocolate is nearly endless. Let us share some of the world’s most creative (and delicious) chocolates with your team. Sample a range of world-class chocolates made with truly unexpected ingredients while learning what makes them so special.

6. Virtual Tasting Experience - Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Culinary Delight: Wine, cheese AND chocolate? Absolutely. If you’ve never tasted these three culinary favorites together, you’re in for a treat! Sample an amazing collection of cheeses and chocolates expertly paired with wine in ways that will make anyone a believer, while learning the secrets to pairing these delights together from an award-nominated wine, cheese and chocolate educator. Wine, cheese and chocolate pairing is the best of all worlds!

7. Virtual Event - Pastel Painting, Chocolate & Tea Pairing Experience: Bring out the aspiring artist in your team in this unique chocolate and tea pairing event. During this two-segment program, start off tasting incredible chocolates from around the world expertly paired with teas while learning all about these two global favorites. Then it’s time to paint. Under the guidance of a professional artist your team will create their own works of art while learning the tips & tricks of the trade. No need to worry about shopping for supplies - we provide everything!

8. Virtual Tasting Experience - Whiskey and Chocolate: When it comes to pairing drinks with chocolate, wine and tea don’t get to have all the fun! The world of whiskey offers some truly outstanding options for matching chocolate’s rich flavor, and we can prove it. Spend some time sampling amazing chocolates from around the world paired with a range of whiskeys while learning how these delicious treats are made and how to create unforgettable combinations of your own.

9. Virtual Chocolate Tasting - Women in Chocolate Storytelling Experience: Celebrate the incredible contributions women have made to the chocolate world in the tastiest way possible! Created by Gourmet Boutique’s founder, Anya Zelfond, this tasting experience focuses on the incredible women chocolate makers who are shaping the industry while tasting the amazing treats they make. From the farmers pouring their love into family plantations to the business owners changing the chocolate world for the better, this tasting is a delicious salute to women everywhere.

10. Virtual Tea, Macaron, and Chocolate Tasting Experience - Joie de Vivre Tasting “Emily in Paris”: France is famous for its gourmet foods and drinks, especially in Paris. Browse the menu in any tea house or café - it’s almost impossible to choose what to enjoy next. Let us save you the trouble! Our “Emily in Paris” virtual tasting event shares some of the best treats the City of Lights has to offer. Your guests will enjoy a wide selection of French treats, each with their own special story and history, perfectly matched to teas that will have everyone saying “mais, oui!” in no time. Whether its the salted caramels, the delicate macarons or the supremely delicious chocolates and cookies, there is something for everyone in this culinary tour de force.
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