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Chocolate Happy Hour: Caca Sampaka Gin and Tonic

Posted: Sep 05 2015

This week for chocolate happy hour we're tasting an incredibly novel chocolate from Cacao Sampaka, their Gin and Tonic Milk Chocolate. Sampaka's chocolate is incredibly thin cut, with two bars inside every package. The chocolate slices melt quickly on the tongue to more readily release the potent combination of flavors. Cacao Sampaka blends lemon, citric acid, and juniper to create a perfect balance of tart and flavorful. The juniper provides the robust herbal foundation that represents the Gin, but, combined with the citrus, the juniper gives the very breathy heady flavor we expect from gin. The very complex woody notes bring together the warm flavors of the chocolate and the intense spark of lemon.

Cacao Sampaka makes excellent chocolates and have been very active in the molecular gastronomy movement. They use high quality ingredients in novel combinations with interesting techniques to create chocolates that are more than the sum of their parts. True connoisseurs and pioneers, Cacao Sampaka delivers a truly spectacular chocolate experience.

We're happy to announce that we'll be offering samples of Sampaka's Gin and Tonic this Thursday at 6PM during Chocolate Happy Hour, stop by to enjoy a bite of truly phenomenal chocolate.

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