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Chocolate Happy Hour: Alcove Fleur de Del Dark Chocolate

Posted: Aug 31 2015

This Thursday join us for Chocolate Happy Hour where we'll be tasting the decadent sweet and savory flavors of Alcove's Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate Bar. An intense chocolate burst accompanied by the sparkle of sea salt crystals. The salt acts as a contrast, bringing the deeper flavors of the cacao to light, and waking up the taste buds. The touch of Fleur de Sel is delicate, offsetting the bitterness of the chocolate, but expanding its richness.

The use of salt alongside chocolate is long and storied, being used together in biscotti, pan du chocolat, and America's favorite chocolate chip cookies. Salt has long been a companion who brings out the best flavors in our favorite foods. It perks up our taste buds and helps us differentiate flavors more clearly. Furthermore, the cacao in chocolate has a very dense molecular structure, and a bit of salt has a tendency to pull it apart, giving the chocolate a fuller body and a more nuanced flavor profile. You'll find a pronounced improvement in flavor with any salty ingredients in chocolate which is why chocolatiers use everything from nuts to bacon to potato chips. However, for the purest experience a solid dark chocolate with just the right of sea salt can be a divine experience.

Stop by the boutique this Thursday at 6PM for a taste of salted chocolate for Chocolate Happy Hour. A rich and decadent flavor made all the more potent with a pinch of salt.
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