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Chocolate Happy Hour: Ethereal Mango Chili

Posted: Aug 23 2015

This week we'll be tasting the refreshing summer flavor of Ethereal's Mango Chili Bar for Chocolate Happy Hour. The 66% Dark Chocolate has a full body and a delightful smoothness, without the intense kick of a darker chocolate. The chocolate gives way quickly to the sweet flavor of dried fruit embedded on the surface; creamy mango and tart strawberry. Any darker, and the chocolate might overshadow the taste of the fruit, but as a "light" dark, the chocolate mixes lightly on the tongue. The chili spice builds slowly, but surely, hidden among the sweetness of the fruit flavors until it overflows with a wide and flavorful bite.
Ethereal has many bars at the 66% mark, and for a dark chocolate they are remarkably creamy. A bit of high quality olive oil gives the chocolate a marvelous texture and mouth feel. It also allows Ethereal to make sure even a low percentage chocolates can remain dairy free. Ethereal uses high quality ingredients and makes an immense effort to make sure their chocolate bars allergen free and incredibly tasty. The Mango Chili is on of our favorites as it has a spectacular way of blending unique layers of sweetness onto a potent array of chili.Interested in trying a little sweet and spicy chocolate with a kick? Come by the Boutique this Thursday at 6PM for Chocolate Happy Hour, and enjoy a taste of some truly lovely chocolate.
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