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Chocolate Happy Hour: Dolfin Green Tea

Posted: Jul 19 2015

We already enjoyed some Belgium Chocolate last week, and discussed the merits its high cacao butter content. This week, though, we're diving into a smooth creamy chocolate with a novel twist for our Chocolate Happy Hour: Dolfin's Green Tea Dark Chocolate bar.

Dolfin's chocolate is emblematic of their motto, "The Art of Blending". This bar starts with an incredibly smooth milk chocolate, with a creamy flavor that lasts on the tongue. The chocolate begins with a full vibrant taste, with a subtle hint of tea flavor. As the chocolate flavor subsides, the rich earthy notes of the Japanese Sencha bleed through, a hybrid flavor both creamy and sophisticated. Truly, Dolfin masters blending interesting flavors into their chocolates, and in tasting their green tea bar it is hard to place where the chocolate flavor ends and the Sencha begins.

An older company, Dolfin was playing with a variety of novel spice, tea, and fruit combinations long before anyone was thinking bacon and chocolate. Beyond their Sencha Dark Chocolate, we're quite fond of their Pear Almond Bar, as well as their supremely elegant Cinnamon Bar. Despite the unusual flavors, Dolfin ensures a distinctive high end experience.

Join us this Thursday for our Chocolate Happy Hour 6PM-7PM and sample the sublime smoothness of Dolfin's Green Tea Chocolate Bar. We'll save you a piece, so you can experience the unusual richness of this phenomenal chocolate.

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