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Chocolate Happy Hour: Artisan Mole Bar

Posted: Jul 26 2015

Our chocolate for chocolate happy hour this week is an incredibly rich dark chocolate flavored with Mexican Mole Poblano. The chocolate is an intense 70% dark, with a sharp cacao kick right off the first bite. Soon after the roiling cauldron of mole flavor washes over the tongue, it carries a diverse flavorful spice, a combination of smoky chipotle, ancho, and pasilla chiles. The spicy matches the flavor of cacao, with rich overtones of spices that sing alongside the major players with touches of cloves, thyme, and coriander.

This bar has a truly international pedigree, Artisan du Chocolat is a French Chocolatier working in London, using potent ingredients from Mexico. Mole Poblano has long stood as a symbol in Mexico, a merging and mixing of indigenous and European influences to create something very emblematic of modern Mexico. This bar pays homage to the international history of Mole with a truly spectacular array of flavor and quality, in a decadently tempered bar of chocolate.

Come experience the potent flavor of mole as we open up a bar of this delicious chocolate. Join us this Thursday for our Chocolate Happy Hour 6PM-7PM we'll save you a piece!

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