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Chocolate Happy Hour: Cote d'Or Dark Choclate Almond Bar

Posted: Jul 12 2015


Our chocolate for our Chocolate Happy Hour this week is the decadent dark chocolate almond bar from Côte d'Or: an intense bar with good texture and snap, overflowing with generous heaps of whole almonds. Côte d'Or is one of Belgium's more well known chocolate companies, earning commendations from royalty and a worldwide reputation for truly rich and flavorful chocolates.
Many countries claim to produce the finest quality chocolates, but when you talk to industry folks, the general consensus is that Belgian Chocolates are the best chocolates. For good reason, Belgium is the only country in the world with tight restrictions on what can and can't be considered chocolates, and as a result Belgian Chocolatiers use very high percentages of top quality cacao butter: which gives chocolate its superior form and texture. Some common chocolates we find in the States replace cacao butter with lower quality less healthy alternatives like palm oil or vegetable fat. The texture of a good Belgian chocolate is as unmistakable as it is unforgettable. 
Want to sink your teeth into a delicious Belgian Chocolate and see what a difference cacao butter makes? Join us this Thursday for our Chocolate Happy Hour 6PM-7PM  for a free sample of the decadent Côte d'Or Dark Chocolate Almond Bar.


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