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The Caviar Burger

Posted: Oct 12 2014


The Serendipity 3 burger was recently named one of the most expensive is the world. A perfect storm of pampered Japanese beef, nutty Italian Truffles, and exquisite Russian Caviar, this burger takes some of the most sought after ingredients, mixes them together, the dusts the whole thing in Gold.


The Serendipity 3, follows a modern trend of caviar reaching into wider ranges of cuisine, heartening back to the hey day of caviar in America, where Caviar was considered commonplace at all level of American eateries. The price of caviar, however, is not quite what it was in the 1920's, contributing to the burgers $300 price tag.


A smart chef can whip up their own fantastic Caviar Burger for a fraction of the cost by following a few simple tips.

-Use high quality beef, cooked rare and chilled briefly before applying caviar.

-Use a buffer between the caviar and beef, creme fraiche or whipped egg whites. Thinly sliced cucumber also add a refreshing crunch.

-Use a warm flavor to bring the flavor of the caviar and beef together, truffle oil or high quality butter will do the trick.


We love the interesting and fantastic caviar recipes, share your favorites in the comments!

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