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Chocolate Happy Hour: Alcove Chipotle

Posted: Aug 09 2015

Our Chocolate for this weeks Chocolate Happy Hour is the smoudering Alcove Chipotle Dark Chocolate Bar. Very smooth dark chocolate in a perfect mixture with chipotle chilies to give the bar a very flavorful heat. Chipotle chili is made by smoking South American Ancho chili peppers, the the process makes chipotle peppers light, smoky, and sweet, a fantastic match for a dark chocolate. The result is an incredibly potent chocolate bursting at the seems with flavor.

Chilies and Chocolate have been combined since the very beginning. PreColumbian MesoAmerican Societies mashed cacao beans and chili peppers to create a thick and frothy beverage. In the Aztec Empire this beverage was known as "xocolatl" or "bitter water", according to Spanish records, and is considered the etymological root of the modern day word "chocolate". The South American nations prefered their chocolate beverage much darker and much spicier than we're used to today. Ancient chocolate used no milk or sugar, and would use incredibly spicy peppers.

Fortunately, for the faint of heart we can enjoy a sweet treat that hearkens back to the original recipes, but save our toungues a littke suffering. Stop by the boutique this Thursday between 6PM and 7PM to enjoy some free Chipotle Chocolates during Chocolate Happy Hour!



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