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Just a Taste: Almond Milk Chocolate

Posted: May 05 2014

Want to start your week as chipper as a chipmunk? Try an Almond Milk Chocolate Bar. Gerard of Artisan du Chocolat has a long standing project to attempt to create "cacao milk" through extensive processing and conching. In his work he began to experiment with other unusual milks, including almond milk, which produced a very fine temper of chocolate.

The result is a fantastic bar of milk chocolate fit for vegans, people with lactose allergies, and chocolate lovers of all kinds to enjoy.

The flavor of the almonds is very strong, but very tightly woven into the taste of the chocolate itself. It creates a warm flavored bar with an unforgettable taste. Just what you need to start your week.

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  • Posted by harmonymarsh on October 15, 2014

    I have tried artisan du chocolat Colombia and I’ve still got their Java bar to try. The Colombia was sensational

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