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Just a Taste: Mozart Piano Bar

Posted: Apr 14 2014

As Mozart mastered the piano, so too has the company Reber mastered an elaborate combination in chocolate.
The Mozart Piano Bar, by Reber has a delightful crisp layer followed by a parade of nougat and marzipan.

The warmth of the hazelnut nougat expands the flavorful mix of dark and milk chocolate in this bar, and the combination of almond and pistachio marzipan emphasizes both the almonds’ sweetness and the pistachios’ unique nutty flavor.
The Mozart Piano Bar is a quick way to get your fill of something both elegant and unusual.

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  • Posted by harmonymarsh on October 15, 2014

    These aren’t widely available are they? I’d love to try

  • Posted by theauthorm on October 15, 2014

    They are a little difficult to get in the United States. Fortunately, our little Boutique gets them in a variety of differently sized boxes. Absolutely delicious.

    Feel free to contact us at if you need help with an order.

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