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Gourmet Boootique

Posted: Oct 29 2013

20131028-120142.jpg This time of year we celebrate a day devoted to ghosts, goblins, and above all, chocolate!

The origin of Halloween is a varied and debated topic, tracing its lineage back through European tradition associated with Christian All Saints Day and a solid mixture of Pagan traditions mixed in.

Some of the earliest records of Halloween in the states are to be found in 1920's New England with traditions brought over by Irish Immigrants. A Fall Harvest festival celebrated on the 31st of October, steeped in the mysteries of spirits.

Halloween grew inconsistently across the United States, but it wasn't until after World War II that it really took root as a national holiday.

20131028-120153.jpg The practice of trick or treating as we know it today took off after sugar rationing ended after the war, and chocolate companies were able to mass produce festive non-perishable treats. Chocolate being an easy and inexpensive option to pass out to children going door to door. Our sweet of choice doesn't need refrigeration, can be made into bite sized morsels, and is easy to toss inside a big plastic pumpkin. At the store we have a variety of options for your Halloween Holiday. Kinder and Milka are an easy treat to pass out, and several times more tasty than the average American sweet. We also have pumpkin sour candies, and delightful chocolate gift boxes. If you're hosting a seasonal party, our chocolate skulls by Anna Shea are sure to be a hit, as well as our Halloween themed truffles. Peanut Butter Eyeballs and Pumpkin Pie Bites.

Being an adult doesn't mean you have to pass on the chocolate, if anything it means that now you get to have the good stuff.
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