Macarons by Cecile Cannone

20130926-101331.jpg No French cookie is more adored than the Macaron, with its luscious creams sandwiched between two infinitely light cookies. Not to be confused with Macaroons, the Macaron has recently been making big waves in American pastry culture.

Macarons originated in Italian culture, the word has the same origin as macaroni, meaning fine dough. It began as an almond flour confection; it wasn't until the recipe reached France that the cookies were sandwiched into their current form.

While Macarons are a long standing tradition across most of Europe, their introduction into the United States is relatively recent, with a few select French pâtissier who have made it their mission to bring these delectable treats to our shores.

One such pastry chef is Cecil Cannone of Macaron Cafe in New York City. A fantastic pastry artisan, Cecil has also written a book "Macaron" in celebration of the pastry, but also with her delicate recipe. Macarons are a tricky confection to make, so fortunately we ship Cecil's Macarons up to our store for the people of Boston to enjoy.

Macarons run a full spectrum of flavors, everything from a simple vanilla or chocolate to unusual combinations like Matcha or Creme Brûlée. We all have our favorites.

Pure sweet creaminess, the vanilla Macaron ensures that the natural flavor of the cookie to shine through. The vanilla heightens the hybrid flavors shared by both parts of the Macaron, cookie and cream. The sweetness of this flavor is actually quite mild, making the confection an incredibly smooth experience. Rose Lychee

Rose Lychee is a flavor combination that is more than the sum of it's parts. Rose can be very delicate as a floral flavor, but if used in too great a quantity, the floral taste can taste a little soapy. The combination of Rose and Lychee builds the Rose flavor up with the succulent fruity notes of Lychee. The flavors compliment each other and burst into flavor upon the first bite. An incredibly flavorful confection.

Earl Grey

The Earl Grey Macaron takes an unusual path by adding a bitter flavor into the pastry. This flavor is a wonderful meshing of light and dark tastes. We are accustomed to coffee flavors with our sweets, so the Earl Grey brings a similar combination to our taste buds. The Earl Grey provides a robust black tea flavor with strong hints of bergamot. The tea blends more readily into the sweetness of the cookie than coffee would, making it harder to distinguish where the tea flavor ends and the cookie begins. It is an unusual but infinitely satisfying flavor of Macaron.

Really there is no wrong choice when it comes to the delight of a Macaron, we encourage you to try as many as you can, to find that one perfect cookie made just for you. We bring in new flavors every week, and each new taste is an exciting delight. Happy tasting!

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