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Are you a Super Star Taster?

Posted: Aug 02 2012

Do you ever attend a tasting or share a meal with a friend where you find yourself picking up on subtle flavor profiles that others may not notice? You may just be “Super Star Taster.” Super Tasters are individuals who have more taste buds than an average taster.  A simple test below may be a fun way to start of a tasting party.
What you will need:
      1. Blue food dye
      2. Magnifying glass
      3. Note Paper Reinforcement Circle
      4. Q-tips
      5. A friend you don’t mind staring at your tongue
  Super Star Taster Test Step by Step Guide:
      1. Dip the Q-tip in blue food dye
      2. Swipe an isolated area of your tongue with the Q-tip making sure you thoroughly coat it with dye
      3. Place the reinforcement circle on the coated area
      4. Stick out your tongue and ask your friend with the help of a magnifying glass to count the number of pink spots (taste buds) on your tongue
Although this may not be an exact science, below is a guide that may give you a general idea of what kind of a taster you are.
      • Super Star Tasters – more than 35 taste buds in the isolated area
      • Average Taster – 15-20 taste buds in the isolated area
Do try this at home and share your results with us for a chance to win three tasting bars to enjoy in a private tasting with your friends. For more cool info about super tasting, and why food tastes so good,  check out:
Taste What You're Missing: The Passionate Eater's Guide to Why Good Food Tastes Good by Barb Stuckey 
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