Join us on our new adventure

Hi Folks!

Welcome all to our new blog!

First, introductions are in order!

We are blogging to you from our lovely store in  Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts called the Gourmet Boutique. Our store  has delicious treats from all over the globe. But our passion is, of course, chocolate. We have over 1800 different skews of chocolate and over 60 different brands from all over the world.

Our mission at Gourmet Boutique’s Tasting Room is to share our chocolate explorations  with fellow chocolate lovers through guided tasting parties, chocolate trivia , chocolate news and stories. We hope to introduce you to new chocolatiers, flavor combinations, and interesting tidbits about chocolate from around the globe.

We have created a number of different topics that we will post about:

Chocolate Moments Throughout History:

No matter how recent or long ago, everyone has a "chocolate moment" to share. Our definition of a "chocolate moment" is some sort of fact, history, or experience with a sweet sensation that changes your life. These can include the history of nutella, stories of chocolates you had growing up and how it changed your life, experiments making new chocolatey desserts, and much more. We hope to share some mind-blowing facts and  our own personal experiences of chocolate with you. Working in a store with over 60 diferent lines of yummy treats and customers with stories from all over the globe, we are bound to have a few fascinating stories to share.

Tasting Room:

At the Gourmet Boutique, tasting delicious chocolatey treats is a part of our job description. We have perfected the art of chocolate tastings and we would like to share what knowledge we have with you! On our "Tasting Room" page you will find a detailed guide of how to create your own chocolate tasting. And to give you some ideas for your next chocolate tasting, we will be sharing some of our own notes on chocolate tastings we are conducting as well. With themes such as "Sweet and Spicy" or "Fruit Cocktails" we will give you our personal opinions on 3 different bars every month that we will judge based on our 6 senses of chocolate!

Better with Chocolate:

One of our own tasters, Mack, will be venturing into creative processes of chocolatiers with their inventive flavor combinations. A word from Mack:

"The process of creating and tempering chocolate is one of the most elaborate and intricate pursuits of mankind. Some of the results of this venture are known to one and all as the simple pleasure of plain milk chocolate; a glorious thing in and of itself. Yet humans are not content without the constant thrill of progress, and while many of us left chocolate right where it was, there have been chocolatiers making their life's masterpiece with cocoa. The flavors of peppercorn, ginger, and even bacon have entered into strange mixes, and a whole new depth of experience is forged.

To imagine the complex process involved with a basic chocolate bar, and to know that chocolate is only the end of the spectrum, makes me feel like I am standing on the edge of a whole new frontier. Follow me if you'd like to explore it too."

Chocolate Challenges:

To make our chocolate journeys more  intriguing, we will be creating chocolate challenges for ourselves and for all of you! These challenges are made to spice up your chocolate experiences and to prove how much of a chocoholic you really are! There also may be some special prizes in store for those who participate! As of right now, our challenges are to be determined, but don't worry! We will keep you posted!

Along with these fun categories of posts, we will also be featuring some creative stories, fun photos, and recommendations on a variety of products to try!

We are really excited to begin this new venture into the blog world! And we are absolutely thrilled to share this experience with you!

Chocolatey Love,

The Severe yet Sincere Chocoholics of the Gourmet Boutique

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