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Virtual Chocolate Tasting: Team Happiness Factor Elevated! (5 Bars | Shipping Included)

Summer Associates and Intern Entertainment Experiences 2024 - Gourmet Boutique

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In July we got the idea to create a collection inspired by World Chocolate Day (July 7th) otherwise known as International Chocolate Day.  An annual celebration of all things chocolate, this “holiday” is believed to date back to the anniversary of chocolate arrival in Europe in 1550. Centered around a collection of ethically sourced and sustainably harvested chocolate makers bringing the world a more earth-friendly and socially conscious selection of chocolates. Taste your way through a full-size collection of bars while bonding with your fellow guests over various tasting activities designed to engage the audience and generate a lively session of chocolate banter. This is not a lecture on all things chocolate but a stage for guests to bond over shared tasting experiences with a seasoned educator/sommelier/emcee to engage the audience and ensure everyone leaves happily satiated in spirit and taste buds.

What's included?

  • (20g-80g each depending on the craft maker – factory sealed – no tasting squares here) 
  • Tasting mat
  • Activities to promote audience engagement through sensory exploration (materials included)
  • A ten-dollar gift card to
  • 45-minute to 1-hour education session (by a Gourmet Boutique Food Educator) included for over 12 kits at no additional charge. 
  • Ground Shipping is included

How does it work?
1.  Purchase the tasting kit.

2.  Contact us to select a time/date.  We have five educators on staff and can accommodate the majority of requests. 

3.  We will email you a Zoom login, or you can provide your Teams/Webex link.  Join, and we will guide you through a one-hour tasting experience sharing a bit of history about each craft maker, incorporating storytelling, humor, and audience engagement.  Our educators have over 15 years of experience and are food entertainment and team-building experts! 

Notes: Please allow one week to receive your kits before the tasting date.  The education tasting is about 45 minutes.  The quick ship program is also available at an additional cost (2-3 days lead time to host an event).

Photo Credit: The visual was taken by our super talented educator Valerie B.

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