Virtual Chocolate Tastings

Virtual Chocolate Tastings

We love chocolate...but we love sharing the multisensory experience of fine cacao chocolate even more! Let us create an amazing chocolate tasting experience without the need to leave your home. Want this to be an intimate family event? No problem! Want to host an event for your remote team to connect over chocolate? We can help here as well! Our virtual tasting events are customized to your needs and are hosted by our chocolate and food educator Anya Zelfond, who has been in the gourmet food and craft, fine cacao chocolate industry for over 15+ years! Our virtual chocolate tasting experience features carefully curated menu options for you to choose from with chocolate bars selected especially for your group to fit a specific theme and budget. The tastings are usually about thirty minutes to an hour depending on how "educational" you want the tasting to be. Gourmet Boutique’s virtual chocolate tasting programs are hosted over zoom allowing folks from around the country to partake in a fine chocolate tasting experience in the safety and comfort of their home and to share this experience with family, friends, and colleagues. We will get everyone their chocolate and get to tasting together! A fun way to connect over a food everyone loves – Great CHOCOLATE!

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