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"To give caviar is to honor the recipient. To serve caviar is to honor the guest." - Unknown

Caviar Accompaniments

No matter how fine the caviar you are about to enjoy the experience would not be complete without complementing accoutrements. Delicate, fluffy miniature blinis and rich creme fraiche round out the indulgent caviar experience and bring out the best in our caviars. Proper serving utensils such as mother of pearl spoons and beautiful caviar servers allow for both functional and elegant presentation of the delicacy. The mother of pearl spoons ensure the pureness of flavor is unaltered as is the case when serving with metal utensils and caviar presenters allow the caviar to be kept on ice while providing a beautiful way to serve this rare delicacy

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Caviar Serving Accompaniments - Blini QUICK VIEW

Caviar Serving Accompaniments - Blini

$ 12.99

With exceptional taste and texture, these silver-dollar sized French blinis are great to warm and enjoy with your favorite caviar.
Caviar Utensils - Pearl Plate QUICK VIEW

Caviar Utensils - Pearl Plate

$ 29.99

Functional and elegant, the mother of pearl plate is a great compliment to any caviar presentation.
Caviar Utensils - Pearl Spoon Utensils QUICK VIEW

Caviar Utensils - Pearl Spoon Utensils

$ 9.99

Handcrafted in Thailand, a pearl spoon is a necessity to truly experience all the robust flavor caviar has to offer: The unique pH balance allows t...