The Changing Demographic of Caviar

Stereotypically, caviar has always been considered a luxury product, reserved for special occasions or for the wildly rich. It has been viewed as a status symbol rather than the rare delicacy that it really is. Recently though, caviar has become more of a mainstream good being purchased by a wider demographic, and this is primarily because of millennials.
Caviar Boston
Millennials are known as the resources for the latest trends and crazes, and caviar has become one of the more recent phenomena. It’s no longer being regarded as inaccessible; it has joined the ranks of smoothie bowls, avocado toast, and craft beer. Because of its increasing popularity, companies and restaurants have taken notice and begun to make caviar easier to obtain. Caviar is becoming increasingly popular on small bite menus at restaurants and bars for every meal.

Even Whole Foods is beginning to carry caviar, so it’s bound to become even more popular. More and more domestic caviar companies are popping up, offering the delicacy for less than the imported varieties. There’s even a vegan caviar out on the market, reinforcing the vegan mantra that anything can be vegan.

Millennials are all about having an experience while you’re eating, and caviar is just that. It isn’t something that you just eat on its own; effort goes into its preparation, and it’s best served with accoutrements like the classic blinis and crème fraîche. If it’s served as part of a dish, the chef has to ensure that the flavors of the specific caviar variety meld well with the flavors of the dish so that they’re in perfect harmony with each bite.

Another increase in caviar’s popularity comes from the emergence of domestically farmed brands. We carry domestic caviar in the store in addition to our imported varieties. Domestic caviar is sold for less than imported, but still offers the luxurious experience and unique flavor that caviar has. This is just the beginning of the emergence of caviar as an accessible commodity. Now that it’s appealing to a wider demographic, there will likely be even more accessible options as the trend continues.
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