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Chocolate Happy Hour: B.T. McElrath Prarie Dog

Posted: Nov 14 2015


Join us this Thursday at 6PM for Chocolate Happy Hour, where we'll be tasting the sweet and salty chocolate from B.T. McElrath. We'll be tasting their Prairie Dog Bar, decadently thick cut chocolate bars with scrumptious toffee and toasted almonds. The toffee and almonds give it a satisfying crunch that helps ttexo break up the texture of the chocolate, letting it melt quickly in your mouth and fill the nooks and crannies of your taste buds with flavor.

The most distinctive element of the Prairie Dog bar is the crystal sea salt embedded into the side of the chocolate. The sea salt itself has a bit of a crunch, and they use just the right amount to perk up your taste buds and compliment the chocolate without overwhelming the flavors of the chocolate.

If a little salt and chocolate sounds right up your ally, drop by our little boutique at 6PM this Thursday for a taste of B.T. McElrath during Chocolate Happy Hour.


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