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Chocolate Happy Hour: Dolfin Ginger Chocolate

Posted: Nov 03 2015

This week we're embracing the cooler weather and the tasty traditions they involve. For Chocolate Happy Hour we'll be tasting the warm winter spice of Dolfin's Ginger Bar. Join us this Thursday at 6PM. Dolfin specializes in the art of blending, combining decadent Belgian chocolates and adding a seemless assortment of flavors and spices that come together as a single melody so well orchestrated it is difficult to tell where the flavor of the chocolate ends and the spices begin.
No chocolate quite encapsulates Dolfin's signature quality like the dark chocolate ginger bar. The ginger creates a potent spiced flavor with a smooth finish, creating vivid flavor that matches the chocolate without overwhelming it. The chocolate itself is a heavenly Belgian dark chocolate. Belgian chocolates use a higher percentage of cacao butter, giving their chocolates a distinctive quality. With a potent burst of cacao this bar provides depth to the flavor, while also maintaining a very smooth and creamy texture.
Want to sink your teeth into the Dolfin Ginger  Bar? Drop by our little boutique this Thursday at 6PM, and we'll share some of the worlds tastiest chocolates.
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