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Chocolate Happy Hour: Ginger Rocky Road

Posted: Aug 01 2015

Our Chocolate Happy Hour bar this week takes cues from an ice cream flavor. Rocky Road ice cream with marshmallow and nuts is a long time kids favorite, creamy and crunchy and sweet. It has a distinctive texture, like it's got all the toppings mixed in. Sweet Designs has taken a sophisticated twist on the Rocky Road concept to create a chocolate with the same crunchy texture, but with artisanal ingredients.

The decadent dark chocolate acts as a platform for a bar, absolutely loaded with ingredients. To replace the chewy marshmallows, the chocolatier implements candied ginger with a pleasant, soft mouth feel and an explosive impact of flavor. Walnuts replace the traditional almonds. Walnuts are a little softer with a crunch that  doesn't disturb the smoothness of the chocolate with each bite.

The candied ginger is an ingredient that we've seldom seen in chocolate, but the flavor is absolutely top-notch, but the bar's strength lies in the orchestration of the ingredients together to create a holistic experience that you wont soon forget.

Want to sink your teeth into some unforgettable chocolate, and try this phenomenal combination of walnut and ginger? Join us Thursday at 6PM for our Chocolate Happy Hour, we'll save you a piece to try for yourself.

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