Summer Time Favorites

As we near the end of summer, I thought it would be great to reminisce some of the most sought after, summer-liscious chocolates at Gourmet Boutique. Summer is always an exciting season, filled with ample of joy, fun and energy.  Of course there are those hot and sunny days when all we want to do is just laze around or take a long siesta. Keeping all this in mind, here is a memoir of delicious chocolates that have reminded the Boutique's tasters of all summer-time activities!

smores The s’mores kit by Saxons was definitely a huge hit, especially during the July 4th weekend when camping trips and partFies with friends and family were most popular. The crispy graham crackers, fluffy hand-cut marshmallows and silky smooth dark Belgian chocolate make delightful s’mores transporting us back to the good old days, sitting by the campfire, singing songs, melting marshmallows and watching the fireworks. It’s strange how eating something can bring back memories or take you away to exotic places. Askinosie’s deep dark goat's milk chocolate bar, embedded with pistachios, sprinkled with salt flakes and Ancho chiles, took me straight to an afternoon at the beach.


As I was biting into this chocolate, I was instantly reminded of the sand, the waves and salty breeze, along with beach-side vendors selling ice creams, hot dogs and other spicy snacks. As a matter of fact, Askinosie's latest collection of chocolate bars are all unique in their own way and worth a try.

fixx passionAnother summer favorite at the store is the Fixx collection by Boston’s very own Nicole Coady. Her chocolates contain fillings that are fun, innovative and loved by kids. Her Praline Crisp with Passion Fruit Pate De Fruits is great to munch on anytime of the day (no wonder kids love it!).

Now, imagine a walk through an English garden, lined with aromatic tulips and roses, surrounded by gigantic trees with lush green leaves and fruits of the season….

macaroonsWatch this picturesque image form as you devour exotic feather-light macaroons filled with rose & lychee, honey & lavender or passion fruit – an epitome of summer indeed. If it’s summer, then there has to be room for ice-cold sangrias. As you lounge with your friends on a warm summer Friday, or you’re just relaxing on your own, make room for our Summer Sangria Bonbons that are filled it with a vibrant Zinfandel, blended with the refreshing fruits of summer and enrobed with a dark chocolate shell. There is also a hint of brandy that makes these bonbons all the more fun to share with friends.                            

   summersangria   bonbon 

People have different cravings during summer, some only love to indulge in ice cream, but I must say, the macaroons and Sangria bonbons top this year’s list and will be loved by all. They sure did steal my heart this summer. While there is still a month of summer left, why don’t you run to Gourmet Boutique and try them? You will not be disappointed, I promise! 

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