Cadbury Love

When our sweet tooth awakens and prods us to immediately stop what we are doing, just to munch on something sweet and sugary, an image of our favorite treat pops up in our heads. For me, that image is Cadbury. Welcome to my world of Cadbury obsession.

Ever since I was a kid, I discovered an instant connection to all kinds of Cadbury chocolates. Although I grew up with Cadbury, it was only after I came to Gourmet Boutique, that I developed an interest to go behind the scenes and find out some interesting facts about this classic chocolate that never fails to please.

Cadbury’s sweet journey began in 1824 when John Cadbury began selling his homemade drinking chocolate in Birmingham. After his death, John’s sons took over the business and introduced more exciting flavors of drinking chocolate. “Cadbury Cocoa Essence” emerged as UK’s first un-adultered cocoa.     

It amuses me that Cadbury’s chocolate was created accidentally with the extra cocoa butter used to make the drinking chocolate. Did you know the first Cadbury, unlike what it is today, was hard, dry and bitter? The creamy milky magic in Cadbury came out only in 1907 with the all-time favorite Dairy Milk. Since then there has been no looking back and Cadbury offers only the smoothest, creamiest, melt-in-your mouth chocolates of all time

Of course, Cadbury has always chosen to be fun and creative rather than simple and classy. The Curly Wurly depicts Cadbury’s funkiness.  This long tail of chewy caramel coated with milk chocolate can actually be twisted and turned – the best part it doesn’t break into pieced unless you really want it to! I still love playing around with the Curly Wurly before eating it, just to test its flexibility.

Other than the entire Dairy Milk collection, another MUST HAVE is Cadbury’s Flake. The second you unwrap the bright yellow wrapper, layers of delicate milk chocolate will start to flake like wood chips from a log. Every bite is soft, velvety and totally worth it. If the crumbling of chocolate annoys you, there is always the “dipped” version to devour. The original Flake is dipped in milk chocolate, making it richer in taste and easier to handle.                                                                    

I am an adventurous person when it comes to food and chocolate. I like trying anything that is different and stands out. The Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Turkish Delight definitely gauged my attention. It’s very much like eating authentic Turkish Delights coated in chocolate. It carries a fruity, tart like taste, which is something different from the other Dairy Milk chocolates.

If you ask me why I am devoted to Cabdury, it is not only because of its taste and texture but also its spirit.  It is a symbol of celebration and has the power to bring back the kid in everyone. Cadbury sure takes people down memory lane – every time we dig into a box of assorted Cabdury chocolates at home, my grandparent and parents reminisce their Cadbury adventures every single time without fail. So next time you walk into Gourmet Boutique and look around for a sweet-something, don’t miss out on a chance to create memories with Cabdury.

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  • If you can find Cadbury’s Yoghurt bar which is my favorite. Dehydrated strawberry yoghurt covered with chocolate. Don’t think it’s been introduced to America though.

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  • We haven’t been able to get the Cadbury Strawberry Yogurt, but we have a few German Yogurt Strawberry bars that are fantastic.


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