Art Nouveau, Chocolate, and Maxim's de Paris

Paris, the City of Lights, a place for the arts, for beauty, and for great food. Nowhere has embraced that more that the restaurant, Maxim's. Founded in 1900 along the Champs Elise, Maxim's has become a Paris landmark, known for its food, its decor, and for the people who dine there. Actors, Politicians, Singers, and Notable Figures from all over the world have wined and dined at these famous tables.


The interior is a collection of seductive pieces of Art Nouveau paintings and furniture that rival the patrons desire to be seen. On the upper floors, a museum to the Art Nouveau movement documents some of the finer pieces in Maxim's Collection. A gift tin from Maxim's is as much a feast for the eyes as a treasure for the tongue. Their designs are distinctive and evoke an era when art was king in every moment of a Parisian's life.




And then there's the chocolate. Extravagant bon bons in their assorted boxes, trimmed with fondant to make beautiful shapes with delicious chocolate flavor. Many customers say that some of the truffles are almost too pretty to eat, the key word being of course, "almost". A single bite will turn artisan beauty into memorable tastes. The Maxim's window box features individually wrapped chocolate squares that pair wonderfully with Tea or Coffee. Many of Maxim's chocolates are cognizant of the many occasions for chocolate, with assortments tailored more towards snacks, full desserts, accompaniments, or accents to other dishes. A French Dessert can always benefit from Maxim's chocolate tuille as a gourmet accessory; thinly sliced petal of chocolate that melt on the tongue. Tuille turns a chocolate cake or scoop of ice cream into a memorable treat.


If you're looking to add a sophisticated touch to a dinner party, or are giving a gift to a fashionable friend, consider a Maxim's. The brand is distinctive and the chocolates are delicious, your tongue and your friends will thank you for an elegant French treat.

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