Chocolate is . . .

Around this time of year I'm reminded why I love working in such a lovely chocolate shop. Chocolate is . . .


  • Sheer incomprehensible joy from a 10 year old who grew up in Germany and, after moving stateside, sees Kinder Chocolade for the first time in years.
  • A boyfriend who remembers milk chocolate, not dark chocolate, and realizes the Saxon Fondue set for two would make a romantic evening that surpasses any present that fits in a box.
  • The taste of Neuhaus White cooking chocolate, the secret ingredient in a fudgy cake that cements the bonds of friends and family.
  • When an older gentleman hesitates when buying a Dark Chocolate Truffle with Sea Salt, and the experience so surprises him that he returns an hour later for a box of them.
  • A reward for a young girl who is still in her tutu from her recital, the taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk means more to her, will stay with her longer, than any of the flowers that her parents are carrying.
  • A woman's suprise to see a Milka Noisette Bar, a chocolate from her childhood trips to Switzerland with her parents, a reminder of good times and to call home a little more often.
  • A dieter's guilt-free reprieve, when they find a chocolate dark enough, like Michel Cluizels 99%, a nibble of that chocolate staves off the hunger of sweets for hours.
  • The disbelief of a man holding onto Chuao's Potato Chip Bar, a childhood idea made manifest and proof that the world is more accepting of strange ideas than he'd thought.
  • A winter oasis for the overworked office woman whose armchair is not half as fluffy without a cup of Mariebelle Hot Chocolate.
  • The gift of reliving a trip to the restaurant Maxim's in Paris, and the unique melty elegance that comes from thinly cut chocolate tuille.
  • The shared excitement between father and son after they've each taken a bite of pop rock chocolate, but right before the pop rocks start to explode.
  • A half smile on a woman's face as  she recognizes the Ashbach Brandy Chocolates that her late father would snack on every holiday season.
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