Tapasya Chai Kit (with strainer), makes 20-30 perfect cups of Chai - Gourmet Boutique

Tapasya Chai Kit (with strainer), makes 20-30 perfect cups of Chai

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Chai Tea Kit including handcrafted strainer, Fairtrade Tea with Organic Spices

All you need is this kit to get you on your way to making the best cup of Chai. Included in the kit are

  1. Fairtrade Assam tea leaves (30 Grams) Makes 20 cups of Tea/Chai with caffeine
  2. Freshly ground organic Chai spices (30 Grams) (Organic: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Fennel, Cloves, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger and Star Anise) Makes 30-35 cups of Chai (without caffeine)
  3. Handcrafted tea-pot shaped strainer

Tapas means “To Heat” in Sanskrit. It is only through intense meditation and asceticism or “Tapasya” that a yogi reaches nirvana. It is our mission to provide you with a method and raw materials to make your perfect cup of chai. Essential to this goal are black tea leaves and ground spices (masala). We source our black tea directly from Amgoori garden, a rain forest alliance certified, fair trade tea garden in Assam, India. Our tea leaves are specially blended with long leaves and golden buds that give your chai an unparalleled aroma and taste. We ground our masala in small batches. By using ground spices, you unlock a spices’ true flavor potential. We hope that you enjoy the flavor of “Tapasya” in every cup of Chai. Om Namah.

The instructions to make chai can be found on the box or as a video, here on our website. Making 2 cups of Chai (with caffeine) involves adding Tea leaves (3 spoons approx.), Spices or Masala (2 spoons), a small piece of crushed ginger to 1 cup of boiling water and 1 cup of milk. Cooking for a couple of minutes and straining your Chai into 2 cups.

The extra spoon of Tea is the reason why this kit makes 20-25 cups of Tea/Chai (with caffeine) and you have an extra 10 spoons (cups) worth of Masala (spices) left over. These spices can be used for baking cupcakes, making Chai milk shakes, french toast or any dessert for that matter.

We love using the spice mix to make decaf Chai using milk as a treat for our children!

Makes the perfect gift for anyone!

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