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  • European Candy Crush Gift Trunk

European Candy Crush Gift Trunk

$ 44.99

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Transport yourself to a European corner candy store with this whimsical assortment. Arranged in a small bon voyage trunk this collection is perfect for those of us with nostalgia for European sweets.
Best of Chupa Chup Lollipops (Spain)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar (UK or Ireland not to be confused with the US version)
Two Milka Bars in classic milk and happy cow flavors (Germany)
Cadbury Caramel Bar (UK or Ireland)
Creamy milk chocolate shell reveals gooey caramel filling at first bite Cadbury Flake Bar (UK or Ireland)
Light and creamy milk chocolate shavings molded into flaky deliciousness Nestle Smarties (UK or Germany)
Delicate milk chocolate coins coated in a crisp and colorful candy shell Cadbury Crunchies (UK or Ireland)
Rich honeycomb filling encased in Cadbury?s signature dairy milk chocolate Toblerone (Switzerland)

Creamy Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat ? need we say more?

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