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Kinder Bueno Box (129g) QUICK VIEW

Kinder Bueno Box (129g)

Sold Out

Six individually wrapped bars containing a hazelnut cream-filled wafer enrobed in milk chocolate. A popular German chocolate, Buenos are an excelle...
Kinder Chocolate Sticks (100g) Kinder Chocolate Sticks (100g) QUICK VIEW

Kinder Chocolate Sticks (100g)

$ 3.49

The classic German Chocolate Kinder. Milk chocolate sticks filled with a milk cream. Sweet and silky and perfect for snacking! A source of Calcium ...
Kinder Country Box (211g) QUICK VIEW

Kinder Country Box (211g)

Sold Out

Milk chocolate surrounds a milky cream dotted with bits of puffed rice. A crunchy and sweet treat!
Kinder Duplo Box (182g) QUICK VIEW

Kinder Duplo Box (182g)

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Delightful flaky wafer layered with chocolate hazelnut cream and enrobed in creamy milk chocolate. Must try for nutella and kit kat lovers.
Kinder Friends (34g) QUICK VIEW

Kinder Friends (34g)

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A bite size assortment of four flavors of the best selling miniature Kinder products: country ( a creamy cereal bar); schoko-bons (cream filled cho...
Kinder Reigel (210g) QUICK VIEW

Kinder Reigel (210g)

Sold Out

Sticks of milk chocolate with an extra creamy milk filling. Light yet decadent!