Summer 2024 Gourmet Experiences Collection

Summer is coming, and corporate event planners have a new addition to the guest list summer associates and interns! Gourmet Boutique offers exceptional culinary and wellness experiences to spice up your event calendars, highlighting your firm's culture and values.

Explore our global selection of artisanal products, supporting rural communities in cacao-growing regions. As a woman-led, foodie-inspired social enterprise, we bring unique flavors, stories and experiences to your gatherings.

Whether you prefer remote or on-site events, we'll plan a memorable and seamless experience on your rooftop garden, conference room, or anywhere you choose. It's a perfect way to socialize casually in between the more formal events on the calendar. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to create a unique and custom event for you and your guest with budget and time in mind. Chat with us.

Let Gourmet Boutique elevate your summer programming with unforgettable experiences celebrating community, culture, and culinary excellence!

Cultural Immersion: Design activities that immerse summer associates in your firm's culture, values, and unique identity, showcasing why your firm is an exceptional choice for their legal careers.

Professional Development: Offer virtual seminars, talks, and workshops led by notable figures in law or related fields to enrich associates' understanding of the legal profession and current issues.

Interactive Engagement: Create opportunities for meaningful interaction and networking among summer associates through engaging online events like virtual parties, game nights, or themed activities.

Recreational and Social Activities: Translate traditional in-person recreational activities into virtual experiences, such as remote theater performances, cooking classes, fitness sessions, or virtual tours, to foster camaraderie and fun.

Building Relationships: Facilitate virtual networking sessions and casual social gatherings to enable summer associates to form connections with peers and senior professionals, promoting a sense of community.

Showcasing Firm's Values: Highlight initiatives like pro bono work or community engagement, encouraging associates to participate remotely in meaningful activities aligned with the firm's values.

Feedback and Reflection: Incorporate opportunities for feedback and reflection to ensure associates feel supported and valued, despite the remote nature of the program.

Innovative Engagement: Embrace digital platforms creatively to ensure engaging and memorable experiences that mirror the energy and spirit of your firm's traditional summer programs.

By focusing on these goals, event planners can effectively translate the essence of your firm's culture and professional development opportunities into a compelling remote summer associate program.

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