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  • The Mariebelle Decadence Gift Basket

The Mariebelle Decadence Gift Basket

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A luxurious gift assortment of Mariebelle?s most popular creations presented in a rustic gift basket. This assortment is filled with irresistible goodies that span the flavor profiles from rich and creamy vanilla white chocolate to rich and decadent saucisson de chocolat with flaks of candied orange peels, nuts and salted caramel marshmallows pieces.

Assortment Includes

Maribelle?s Signature Aztec Hot Chocolate 6 oz tin
Maribelle?s Cacao Market Saucisson de Chocolat a decadent chocolate salami made of Mariebelle?s single origin chocolate and infused with bits of candied orange peels, nuts and a bit of spice and lightly sprinkled with confectionary sugar for an authentic Saucisson look. Enjoy by slicing into disks and pairing with fresh fruit or indulge on its own. (Two flavors: Salted Marshmallow and Candied Orange Peel)

Mariebelle?s Signature Blue Box with bite size squares of single origin dark chocolate

Mariebelle?s Gorgeous Pin Up Chocolate Bar

Mariebelle?s Croquette Bars in Milk & Dark Chocolate
Croquette Bars are made pairing the irresistible flavors of Mariebelle?s single origin chocolate of varying cocoa content with delicate buttery European cookie crumbles. These bars have a crisp, crunchy texture balanced with Mariebelle?s irresistible pure dark chocolate.

Mariebelle?s Vanilla White Hot Chocolate 6 oz tin.

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