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  • Hidden Treasure Gift Trunk

Hidden Treasure Gift Trunk

$ 84.99

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Product details

A charming vintage chocolate brown treasure chest filled with an assortment of goodies.
Tea Forte Tea Assortment
Visually stunning and mouth-watering pyramid full leaf tea bags in exotic and traditional flavors.
Gift Bag of Toffee Almonds
Large California almonds coated in buttery toffee and enrobed in milk chocolate goodness
Gift Bag of Jordan Almonds
Neuhaus Milk Chocolate
A bar of rich and creamy Belgian milk chocolate
Vosges Exotic Chocolate Bar
An exotic infusion bar with a touch of Sri Lankan Coconut and Curry
Marzipan Fruit Assortment
A visually stunning and mouthwatering assortment of marzipan (sweetened almond paste) treats shaped in a colorful array of fruits.

This gift arrangement has enough of a variety to satisfy anyone?s sweet tooth.

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