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  • The Grand Collection Gift Trunk

The Grand Collection Gift Trunk

$ 259.99

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A vintage style gourmet gift trunk houses a collection decadent gourmet treasures gathered from around the world.

Cote d?Or Almond Dark Chocolate Block
A rich, dark chocolate block generously sprinkled with whole, roasted almonds.

Cote d?Or Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bark
A creamy, milk chocolate block generously sprinkled with whole, roasted hazelnuts.

Neuhaus Whisky and Spirits Chocolate Assortment
An elegant faux leather assortment box of chocolates created by master sommelier to be paired with a favorite labation ? includes a pairing guide.

Neuhaus Carre Origins Assortment
This family of Carr‚s consists of four members, each representing a different origin and offering a specific taste experience that characterizes the terrain of the cocoa bean. It is a unique chocolate journey across the equator, traversing Sao Tom‚, Tanzania, Ecuador and Papua New Guinea.

Bissingers Wine Grapes
Decadent semi-dehydraded grapes soaked in Shiraz wines and enrobed in rich dark chocolate.

Valrhona Guanaja
Elegant, deep and dark (70%) chocolatey taste of Guanaja, complemented and prolonged with finely roasted cocoa nibs is a pure indulgence.

Valrhona Caramelia
Soft, rich and voluptuous with crunchy pearls this decadent milk chocolate bar has tantalizing notes of caramel and salted butter.

Butlers Irish Whiskey Bar
A spiked infusion bar of creamy Irish milk chocolate seamlessly blended with warm flavor notes of Whiskey.

Bissingers Merlot Caramels
A taste of red wine and vintage Merlot sea salt deliver depth and deliciousness ? perfect for in home wine pairing.

Bissingers Chardonnay Caramels
A taste of crisp Chardonnay shines in these decadent butter caramels.

Chocolate Espresso Beans in Gift Bag

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Spread
A chocolate spread of decadent dark chocolate paired with delightful nuttiness of finely ground Pistachios for an unparalleled dessert topper.

Le Petit Saunier Caramels
Rich, salted butter caramels ? one is never enough.

Milk Chocolate Almonds in Gift Bag

Michel Cluizel Sardines
Luxurious milk chocolates shaped and foiled like little sardines ? despite the fun presentation this chocolate will please even the most serious chocolate connoisseur.

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