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Kshocolat is a young dynamic Scottish company currently taking the chocolate world by storm. Formed in 2001, Kshocolat's time is spent sourcing the highest quality cocoa and blending intriguing flavors to create their definitive range. The lemon and pepper, orange and cardamom, or honeycomb vanilla bars are a must! Don’t miss the strawberettes and chilli laced pecans. Be sure to check out Kshocolat’s unique Drinking Chocolate.   

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Carica - Gourmet Boutique
23K Gold Kit 20Leaves w/ Brush

23K Gold Gilding Kit/20Leaves with Brush

This luxurious set contains 12 genuine edible 23k gold leaves 2" x 2" (50 x 50mm). A special flat brush is included in the set to easily transfer and place your gold leaves onto your desserts or dishes. Makes a great gift for an aspiring cook.
Carica - Gourmet Boutique
23K Edible Gold Flakes

23K Edible Gold Flakes

Forget lemon twists and olives. Surprise your guests with a sophisticated "Gold Martini".  Use with the gold flakes sprinkler for control and ease of use. After pouring your drink gently sprinkle some flakes onto the surface - the flakes will float on top of liquid, the gold dust would settle at the bottom of your glass. Also great in Champagne and Riesling wine or ice cold Vodka.

Carica - Gourmet Boutique
23K Edible Gold Dust

23K Edible Gold Dust

Genuine Edible Gold Leaves 23k are transformed into Gold Dust. Sprinkle a touch of elegance on dessert, sushi, pasta, oysters or caviar for unparalleled luxury. Glass container contains 1 gram. Use with the gold dust sprinkler for maximum coverage and ease of use.

Silver Leaf Book 25 leaves
Silver Dust 1 gram
Silver Flakes 1 gram

Edible Silver

The three items listed above are also available in Edible Genuine Silver for slightly more affordable luxury.

Carica - Gourmet Boutique
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Chilean Golden Papaya 14 oz
Chilean Carica or Chilean Golden Papaya

This boutique fruit proclaimed as an extremely versatile gourmet product comes to you directly from Limari Valley located about 250 miles from Santiago, Chile.

Serving Suggestions: Can be served with prosciutto, cheese platters, seared foie gras, with lamb, as a base for sorbet, grilled and served with ice cream just to name a few.

Nutritional Highlights: Carica is rich in Vitamin C among other nutrients such as iron, calcium and fiber.

Flavor: The flavors mingle between a ripe apricot and pineapple.

Texture: Slightly crunchy texture, and an aromatic smell with flavors mingling between a ripe apricot and pineapple with a delicate hint of papayas.